Speaking English Naturally

Talk like a friend!
Welcome to True Spoken English. These simple lessons will teach you secrets to speaking English.

They will teach you common pronunciation changes that English speakers make. These changes are informal and rarely taught to a person learning English. But these changes are made by almost all English speakers. By learning these changes, you’ll understand English more easily, and your English will sound more like a native speaker.

You’ll find these changes easy to learn and they will speed up your speaking and fluency. You’ll learn these changes by watching simple movies. As you watch the movies, you can listen to the lessons and practice speaking English. The lessons are easy, and you don’t need to know a lot of English in order to take them.

To learn more about why you should learn these changes, watch this video.

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You can watch all the lessons for free. The entire True Spoken English course provides 22 lessons and over 97 video exercises that present common pronunciation changes like the one you just heard. These are everyday changes that English speakers make in conversation. And you need to know them to speak English well.

If you enjoy and value these lessons, consider making a small donation or purchasing the TSE book and DVDs. Your support will allow us to continue to make the course available for free to students world wide.

Don’t talk like a “book,” talk like a friend.

After you take this course:

  • You'll better understand full-speed English conversations and will sound more like a native speaker yourself.
  • People will trust your conversational speech and include you in conversations in a closer, friendlier way.
  • People will not speak to you slowly as if you didn't understand English well.
  • People will accept you easily in informal conversations and events, you'll be recognized as a strong language learner, not a beginner.
  • People will have more confidence in you as you work with native speakers.
  • You will have broken the barrier between people who speak "Book" English and native speakers who want to speak casually and be at ease with you.

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Is True Spoken English for Beginners? A word from the publisher.