Is True Spoken English For Beginners?

TSE doesn't teach beginning English. It teaches common and routine pronunciation used by native English speakers in casual conversation. It teaches the everyday speech I use all the time. TSE doesn't teach basic grammar or vocabulary for complete beginners. Many publishers have long produced such courses, way before I began teaching beginning students in the 1970's. One dominant beginning English course for computers is Rosetta Stone, a well advertised course here in the States.

And if students are taking English courses in school which will end in taking a test, they won't really need to know the spoken changes that True Spoken English teaches. Inevitably, in testing situations, if there is any conversational component, it's very formal.

However, if students are going to actually use the language in business, university studies, tourism, or any social situation with native speakers, they do need to know what TSE teaches. So that they understand and converse at ease with native speakers. This is something that's rarely presented in standard English courses. This is the English heard in music, on TV, in movies, radio, and so forth.

Anyone who speaks "some" English benefits from the course.

Thanks for looking at True Spoken English! My very best to you.

Bill Grout
True Spoken English

bill grout